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Model Number: UST6023 USB-VGA                           Model Number: UST6028 USB-DVI

USB-VGA转换器 USB-DVI转换器 产品手册

UST6023 High Performance USB to VGA Video Convertor
UST6028  High Performance USB to DVI Video Convertor

USB-VGA Description

UST6023 is a USB 2.0 to VGA Display Adapter, an external graphics card, enables you to connect additional monitor( LCD,CRT) or projector to your desktop/ Notebook computer. With USB 2.0 connection,there is no need to open the computer case ot struggle with compatibility issues related to a second display card.


USB-DVI Description

UST6028 is a USB-DVI Display Adapter, the amazing solution that allows you to attach additional display to PC or laptop without annoying of taking your computer apart. You can effectively double your working space through USB 2.0 port. Primary, extended, mirror and rotation modes are available for your preference for productive job.

Do not let your old VGA monitor cover with dust and lie in garage. No matter you want to attach VGA interface monitor or add a monitor that is with latest DVI technology, just simply hook up the connector and plug the USB-DVI display adaptor into an available USB port on your PC. You have your desktop expanded!


System Diagram


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