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UST144PV Power Video Balun Transceiver
UST144PVD Power-Video-PTZ Transceiver

4 Channel Power Video PTZ Data (PVD) BALUN Transceiver

'HUM-BARs' Rejective Power Video PTZ (PVD) BALUN Transceiver - Four Cameras solution
Common Mode Choke, Power Noise Rejection, Low Line EMI Emissions

UST144PVD-HB 4路视频电源数据汇聚器
UST144PV-HB Video Power HUB w/ Power Path
UST144PVD-HB Video Power Data HUB

LED Power Indicator Over Current Protection Power Path Loop Out
Surge Lightning Immunity Power Grounding Terminal


UST144PVD-HB Operation Manual   UST144PV-HB Operation Manual


UST144PV-HB、UST144PVD-HB为4路双绞线视频电源(和数据)汇聚器,可以提供4路视频电源(和数据),与单路视频电源(和数据)传输器UST103PVD-F UST102PV-FRUST102PV-FA配合使用,可以采用4根廉价的双绞线将多路摄像机汇聚至一点集中采用一根双绞线发送,较之前采用同轴电缆和强电电缆传输至摄像机(或视频信号源)方式大量节省线材和成本,同时提高了信号的抗共模干扰的能力。本设备采用标准的RJ45插座作为双绞线输入输出接口,内置电源过流保护和防雷击防浪涌电路,机壳提供接地保护端子,电源LED指示。

4 CH CCTV Video Balun allows 4 base-band composite video signals and Power supply as well Data to be transmitted via unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable for more versatile cabling.

The 4 CH CCTV Balun can be used with CCTV power & data thru balun or CCTV Power converter for wide applications, and allow you to eliminate more expensive coaxial cables, including coupling signals from remote video cameras to display systems, video capture, security and surveillance monitoring applications.

UST144PV is a Power Video (PV) Balun Transceiver, and UST144PVD is a Power-Video-PTZ Data (PVD) Transceiver


Environment: CCTV equipment for security and surveillance video, data, and power transmission.
Devices: CCTV cameras, monitors, multiplexers, digital video recorders (DVR) and other CCTV equipment.
Bandwidth: Video DC to 8MHz
Maximum input: 1.0Vp-p
Insertion loss: Max. 2dB per pair over the frequency range from DC to 8MHz
Return loss: Greater than 15dB over the frequency range from DC to 8MHz
Cross Talk: Greater than 40dB over the frequency range from DC to 8MHz
Common mode rejection: Greater than 40dB at 8MHz
Maximum video distance: Color: Cat.5 2230ft (680 Meter), Monochrome: Cat.5 2550ft (780 Meter), No qualified cable might decrease the transmission distance.
Maximum power distance: Max. Distance @ 24Vac via UTP Cat5 cable (24 AWG):
5VA .......... 558ft (170m) 10VA ........... 279ft (85m) 20VA .............. 141ft (43m) 30VA ................. 92ft (28m)
Data: PTZ by RS485. It can be transmitted up to 1000m over cat.5 UTP cable
Cable-UTP: Cat 5 or better, 24 gauge typical, Max. capacitance :20pf/ft, Attenuation: 6.6dB/1000ft at 1MHz
Cable-Coax: Impedance: 75 ohm at 1MHz, Max. 25ft. of coax allowed per end to end link
Connectors: Screw Terminal Block, BNC Male, DC jack and a two pins of Data terminal block, one pin for GND connection.
Polarities of each channel:
Video 1+/2-, Power thru 3+/4-, Data thru 5+/6- For Screw Terminal Block connector
Video 8+/7-, Power thru 1,3+/2,6-, Data thru 4+/5- (RJ45 Jack for Optional OEM/ODM)
Four channels share the same Power and Data input
Impedance: 75 ohm to 100 ohm (or 75ohm to 120ohm on request)
Power Supply:+12V/2A DC
Power Backup: Centralized power management through UPS at monitor?site, no worry for power blackout.
Temperature: Operating temp. 0 to 55° C, Storage temp. -22 to 85°C, Humidity up to 95%
Dimension: 162*102*32mm, connectors are included.
Weight: 400g for UST144PV, and 450g for UST144PVD

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